Steel Works, Grit Blasting & Painting

Steel Work & Metal Fabrication

Need steel work or metal fabrication? Based on your engineering drawings we can cut, bend, weld, build and assemble a wide range of metal structures to suit your needs.

Some of our common projects include structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment, and stairs and hand railings for buildings. We also manufacture custom backs for truck trays and curtain siders. 

Grit blasting and painting

Grit Blasting, also known as Abrasive Grit Blasting, or Sand Blast Cleaning is done to remove rust on steel, then once it’s back to bare steel a coating of primer is applied, followed by finishing paint. This finishing paint forms a thick layer of micron so that the steel will be protected from rusting.

Structures that are grit blasted, gas cylinders, big gas and fuel tanks are blasted.

Following Grit Blasting, we can paint or powder coat your metal surface or product to help increase its longevity, or to change its colour or appearance.