Rento Fortune | Online monopoly board game in multiplayer

Rento Fortune | Online monopoly board game in multiplayer

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Rento Fortune | Online monopoly board game in multiplayer

Rento Gameplay

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Play the video to see the basics of the Rento gameplay. This is example board game against 2 robots


Get Rento board game for your mobile phone or tablet by clicking on one of the buttons below:

Rento Google Play Store Archives download

If you have a problem with current version of Rento for Android – please try downloading an older version from RENTO OLD ARCHIVES page

Check out what others think about our game

Rento board game has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play and has rating over 4.3

rento google play ratings
rento google play reviews


You can play the game in our Board Games Online website.
There we have many other family board games, such as: Happy Words (similar to Scrabble) Backgammon, Chess, Farm Builder (similar to Carcassonne), Draw It and many other.
There you will play the WEB version of the board game, which you can run from your browser on desktop.
For mobile play – download the app from one of the stores above.



Checkout our high quality physical printed version of Rento monopoly game. It is available for purchase in our Rento Store page.
Play it with your family and friends at home or order it as gift for your special persons.
Checkout the Rento unboxing video

Rento Monopoly game printed version

In Rento you have extras, which are: different boards, different dice and different pawns. You also have and joke sounds in the game (when you want to laugh on somebody..or cry..) See them in gallery
These items you purchase with coins
You can earn coins by 2 main ways:
1) By completing achievements.
2) By purchasing them with money as In-App Purchase


Rento has 32 achievements.
When completed – achievements give you experience (XP).
The more XP you have – the more coins you will get.
Some achievements are hard to accomplish..but they give you a lot of XP.
Some are very easy to accomplish..but they will give you less XP.
For example: “Win in online game” is easy achievement and it will give you only 100XP, while “Win 10 games in a row” is hard one, but it will give you 3500 XP.
Other achievements are moderate to unlock: “Achieved monopoly game on 3 color groups” achievement will be unlocked when you have 3 complete sets of same colored lands. This achievement will give you 300 XP.
Here is the table that shows how many XP you need to earn X coins:

1000XP = +5 Coins

5000XP = +20 Coins

10000XP = +50 Coins

20000XP = +100 Coins

30000XP = +200 Coins

This is the list of achievements in the game:


Multi Language Support

Rento currently has 18 languages you can choose from.
This includes: English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Spanish, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portugal, Turkish, Chinese, Hindi and Farsi
If you find problems in some of them – do not hesitate to contact us
multi language monopoly


If you go to Leaderboard stats page you can find all of Rento top players, ranked in 4 categories: Top 20 ever, Top Today, Top Weekly and Top Monthly.
These stats are updated every couple of hours (especially the daily rankings).
The daily, weekly and monthly top charts are calculated by the number of wins that each player has managed to score.
The “TOP 20 EVER” ranking is calculated with the use of the ELO rating system. Each new player starts with 1000 ELO points.
The idea is that if you win against higher ranking player than you, you will get more of his ELO points, than what he will get from you if he beats you. Read more in Wikipedia to learn how your score is calculated.
leaderboard stats


The game allows you to play in 4 different game modes.

  • Online – In multiplayer versus players all around the globe or with your friends and family.
  • Solo – With AI robots which play as good as human player. You can adjust their difficulty level with easy, medium or hard setting.
  • Pass ‘N Play – Play the board game with your family on the same device. After you make your turn, just pass the device to the next person and so on
  • WiFi mode – This mode allow you to play offline on different devices, which are connected to your home router (same WiFi Network). It is ideal if your internet connection is weak, but you have WiFi in your home and want to play undisturbed.

Note*: Solo, Pass And Play and WiFi games can be saved and restored at later time
game modes


Every Sunday we are scheduling global Rento monopoly tournament in which thousands of players can register.
Tournaments are starting


In the beginning of the tournament each player is joined to 4 players room in which the winner plays with 3 of the winners of the other rooms.
Each time you win in room, you play on the next level with other winners and this pyramid goes until only one winner remains
This means that to win in tournament you have to play between 3 and 7 games one after another
Each game is limited to 45 or 50 minutes in play to avoid prolonged games. In this case the winner is the player with most assets (capital money + property land cost)
You can register for the tournaments from the game itself or from our WEB portal Board Games Online – Tournaments
The top 20 tournament finishers are always winning something (Credits, Coins and VIP status for our WEB portal BoardGamesOnline.Net)
During the tournament anybody can watch the games that are played in the moment, even if you are not participating in the tournaments
Read more about tournaments in the news section
monopoly tournament

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